Student Midwife of the Year

Rachel Arthurs
Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

I am a current third year midwifery student who is incredibly passionate about low-risk, birth centre techniques being available to all and improved antenatal education. I am one of the Council of Deans for Health's 150 Leaders and have used the programme to help develop easy-read materials in biomechanics as well as being granted the opportunity to speak at Parliament to provide a student voice in the launch of the latest NHS workforce and training campaign. I believe that providing midwifery care is a privilege and I am so grateful to be able to train doing what I love.

Ash Bainbridge
University of Worcester

Ash Bainbridge (pronouns: they/he) is a trans non-binary student midwife who has been nominated for the Student Midwife of the Year award for demonstrating outstanding clinical, academic, and interpersonal skills while improving perinatal care for LGBTQ+ people building families via pregnancy. Ash champions midwives and centers services user experiences and outcomes. Their work has been published academically, gender inclusion training delivered to healthcare students and professionals across the UK, and they ensure trans and non-binary perspectives are included at policy level. Ash served as Gender Inclusion Advisor for safer pregnancy charity MAMA Academy and Trustee for White Ribbon Alliance UK.

Siobhan Callaghan
University of the West of Scotland

I am a final year student of BSc Midwifery at the University of the West of Scotland. I feel particularly passionate about communication, compassion, and empathy. I have utilised my previous work experience and enthusiasm for learning to undertake additional training to personalise care, meet the woman's and her family's needs, and foster an environment of trust. Being a role model to other student midwives is a vast part of my drive; I have been inspired by very knowledgeable midwives who consistently prioritise the needs of women and families, working above and beyond their duty with genuine kindness and compassion.

Elisabeth Devey
University of Central Lancashire and East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Apart from Elisabeth’s achievements in academics and clinical practice as a student midwife, she stands out for her exemplary dedication to volunteering. Elisabeth devotes her personal time to delivering free antenatal and infant feeding classes within her local community, effectively meeting a crucial requirement in Lancashire. Her adeptness at integrating professional skills with compassionate outreach highlights her unwavering commitment to maternal and child health. Her actions have a positive impact on both expectant families and community well-being, serving as

Jacqueline Gray
Anglia Ruskin University

Jacqueline has been a beacon of positivity within Midwifery from her very first entrance to the undergraduate programme. She consistently goes above and beyond in her support and encouragement of her student colleagues in a discrete and benevolent manner. Jacqueline commenced her Midwifery training as a mature student, and was able to use her own life experience to help colleagues to reflect on their attitudes towards inclusivity and to foster change. To meet Jacqueline would be to understand why she is deserving of this award.

Michelle Poole
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

My Daisy award nomination from a family I provided care for during difficult times is a small snippet of my contribution to providing what I feel, outstanding midwifery care. My recent elective placement in a maternity hospital in Tanzania, alongside my midwifery degree enables me to identify areas where we are still failing women within maternity services. This has encouraged me to seek answers and work toward making a positive contribution to change particularly for Black, Asian and ethnic minority women. As a student midwife I endeavour to ensure all women receive care that is not just substandard but outstanding.

Kayty Richards
University of Derby

Kayty started as a first year student midwife on the very first midwifery programme at the University of Derby. Now completing her 3rd year, Kaytys approach and professional conduct has been instrumental in achieving both programme and personal goals. Examples included in Kaytys testimonies are supported with a passion to be the best student midwife she can be , and practice safe and effective care for women and babies. Kayty is an absolute advocate for women , and can apply autonomy and leadership in practice. Kayty is a role model for other student midwives and is highly respected in the midwifery programme and wider university. Feedback from practice supervisors is included in the testimonials. Going forward, Kayty will be pivotal in the wider midwifery profession , promoting excellent care, communication and compassion for both women and colleagues.

Catherine Ryde
Coventry University

My diverse life experiences inform a profound commitment to midwifery, the service, the people, and its future. Personal challenges have built resilience and determination to hold birthing people at the centre at the centre of my work, advocate for individualised care, and empower the disadvantaged and marginalised to flourish. I strive mindfully to promote psychological safety and to develop practice that honours those I care for. I envision my role evolving to capitalize on strengths in connection and empowerment and have a specific interest in supporting the vulnerable or disadvantaged through a continuity of care model.

Louise Stewart
University of Central Lancashire

Louise is an amazing student midwife and role model within her peer group and the wider midwifery community and exemplifies the essence of excellence this prestigious award recognises. She demonstrates remarkable knowledge and competence, working within the multidisciplinary team to deliver safe, evidenced based care to women and birthing people. Recognising a gap in service provision she has trained as an aquanatal instructor as well as being involved in developing maternal nutrition resources for health professionals and students. Her work includes examining where maternal nutrition sits in midwifery practice, exploring weight bias and stigma.

Olayide Yusuf
Buckinghamshire New University

Olayide is a delight to teach. She has demonstrated compassion throughout her programme, ensuring that the wellbeing of others is her priority and that despite challenges and hurdles in the way she has been determined to succeed. Her kindness is palpable in everything she does, ensuring that every interaction with anyone is with a smile, and she lights up the room. Her compassion for midwifery will ensure that every woman in her care receives the best possible experience.