Learner of the Year (Post-registration)

Laura Ahearn
University of Salford

Laura, a Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner identified that the timely switch from intravenous to oral antibiotics was a long-standing problem in her local NHS Trust. Studying on the Project Management and Methods of Inquiry module, Laura developed the skills required to be an effective project manager. She has now successfully implemented the tool in her local Trust and it as been adopted by 30 NHS Trusts. This is thanks to Laura’s dedication to continuing professional development and passion to drive change.

Rachel Donnelly
Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Rachel Donnelly, exemplifies excellence in post-registration learning and her story as a learner is one of dedication, collaboration and innovation. Her outstanding skills as a school nurse were shown throughout her postgraduate studies at Manchester Met, but arguably most clearly through her innovative 'Empowering Populations to Enhance Health and Wellbeing' project. Initially uncertain about the impact of her project, Rachel now recognises the transformative potential of such initiatives, with the toolkit she developed not only being utilised in local services, but also identified to be integrated into a national toolkit for school nurses.

Sana Gul
Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

In my journey from a nursing student to a early career nurse, I initiated the Student Research Forum, fostering a research culture among peers. After becoming a registered nurse in last nine months, I encountered diverse challenges, sparking a motivation for continuous learning. I engaged in numerous webinars and sessions, expanding my knowledge in maternal services and pursuing an MSc in Midwifery at UOB, I also broadened my skills in leadership and attended global health events. My commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy reflects in my continuous pursuit of knowledge and contributions to the nursing and midwifery community.

Jaypee Palis
East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

COLOUR B-LINED: Translating Colours

Introduction: Late, missing appointment slots, clinic flow delays, cancelled appointment, being mislabeled for poor coherence & low literacy level, all are experiences of services users living with “Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)” attending their outpatient appointment. Popularly described as colour blindness, the condition is a clear health inequality by not giving equal access to them. The project addresses the 4.5% of UK population who are colour blind, an unseen disability affecting 1:10 men and 1:200 women, which you might be standing beside them whilst they are experiencing difficulties seeing colours.

Joycelyne Ruban
Cygnet Group

As a diligent, confident, and motivated individual. Joy is very enthusiastic for learning and developing. She is hard working, has excellent communication skills, diplomacy, and interpersonal skills. It is great to work with Joy, she is a good team player who motivates others while remaining dedicated to maintaining high quality standards within the healthcare profession.

Anita Sarkodie
University of Greenwich and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

This award entry showcases a year-long research project focusing on sexual health promotion for hard-to-reach young people. The study employs a multidimensional approach, combining cross-sectional surveys, By engaging diverse population, my aim is to uncover barriers and develop targeted strategies to enhance sexual health awareness and access among young people in the United Kingdom. This entry aims to contribute valuable insights into the field, demonstrating a commitment to evidence-based practices and community collaboration in the realm of providing quality of care to children, young people and their families.

Kathryn Tolfree
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

With 14 years of nursing experience and a current pursuit of an MSc in Professional Practice, I am dedicated to lifelong learning. Serving as the Chair of the Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) Network, I've significantly expanded its reach, hosting national events and increasing membership by over 85%. Colleague testimonials attest to my exceptional contributions, and I remain committed to ongoing professional development. My leadership, passion for nursing, and positive impact on the CNE Network make me an ideal candidate for this award.

Grace White
University of Greenwich and Bromley Healthcare Community Interest Company

Although there are many able post registration learners in Grace’s cohort, Grace stands out as her clinical work, personal qualities, academic achievement, personal and professional values are entirely consistent and of a very high standard. Grace is making an outstanding contribution to nursing and more importantly to the care of patients and carers through her commitment to continued professional development.