University Educator of the Year

Christina Ebanks
Buckinghamshire New University

Christina’s thorough, excellent and impeccable planning, coordination, organisation and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of her delivery, fostering students' and stakeholder engagement with excellent feedback. Christina's sound, highly professional, communication and interpersonal skills, with a very calmly collected and consistently sensitive approach, enables external opportunities, widening participation, crucial communications, collaboration and networking, a lifeblood for student development. Christina’s pride as a nurse enables her to distinctly role model the importance of being a nurse to students, evoking a sense of pride in students for choosing the best career in the world., which is nursing.

Mahmood Anjoyeb
Buckinghamshire New University

Throughout his distinguished career, has been a beacon of compassion and commitment in the health service and tirelessly working to improve the well-being of others. He has not only provided exemplary care but has also championed the needs of people with mental illness and has acted as a catalyst for positive change in the health service. Beyond the professional realm, Mike has actively contributed to building a culture of inclusivity and diversity, fostering an environment where every individual feels valued and supported. His leadership has been instrumental in creating a lasting impact on students and colleagues.

Nikki Murphy
Coventry University

Nikki is an inspirational educator, designing excellent sessions in which students flourish. Her expertise in safeguarding and therapeutic considerations for children and young people have inspired students to continue their learning journey post qualification within public health nursing. Nikki enables students to explore ideas and concepts, providing alternative perspectives and considerations to really open their minds and push the boundaries of learning. Nikki has a natural ability to make students feel at ease and develop understanding working relationships swiftly. Students feel able to speak freely with her and feel supported. Nikki is an excellent educator and deserves recognition of this.

Edge Hill University
Practice learning team

The Practice Learning Team for Nurse Education at Edge Hill University has diligently dedicated the past two years to enhancing the learner experience, ensuring quality assurance within practice learning environments, and effectively bridging the gap between theory and practice through a series of impactful projects. The Practice Learning Team at Edge Hill University has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to innovation, holistic learner development, and strengthening partnerships within the healthcare community. Their initiatives have significantly enriched the nursing education experience, and their dedication deserves recognition for the positive impact on nursing education and impact on healthcare delivery of the future.

Antoinette Janine Bewley
Edge Hill University

The integration of theory and practice is crucial for student nurses to provide patient-centred care. As an advocate for bridging this gap, I believe that students must hear the voices of service users. This allows them to understand the patients' stories, think holistically, and balance evidence-based practice with compassionate care. I have developed various resources, including videos and informal online drop-in team meetings with service users. They enable students to hear the voices of service users and appreciate cultural and health perspectives. I have also linked them with student cohorts from India to share coping mechanisms and appreciate diverse perspectives.

Simulated placement learning team
Keele University

The goal of the Keele Clinical Practice Teaching Fellows is simple; to provide simulated placement learning to effectively prepare students for clinical practice, through the use of innovative practice focused simulation. The simulations that the team creates are based on their experiences from a diverse range of clinical practice including military, intensive-care, paediatrics, specialist practice and midwifery. The team prides themselves on creating simulations that tests student knowledge and understanding in an inclusive way that appeals to a myriad of learning styles.

Siobhán O'Connor
King’s College London

Dr Siobhán O’Connor, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London, has been nominated for the University Educator of the Year award due to her long-standing commitment to educating nursing students about clinical informatics. This includes teaching cutting edge subjects like artificial intelligence so nurses have the necessary digital knowledge and skills that will enhance patient care and nursing practice in the NHS. Dr O’Connor also mentors and supports nursing students to undertake research and publish scientific articles on technology in healthcare. This inspires students to learn and contribute to evidence-based practice which supports their professional development and person-centred care.

Jo Killingley
Middlesex University

Jo is Lead Midwife for Education and Programme Leader at Middlesex University. Her practice leads her to place students at the forefront of every decision and she particularly focuses on student wellbeing to improve learning experience. Student testimonials show that Jo always goes the extra mile when supporting and coaching students. Her innovative approaches to teaching and assessment have improved the attainment gap for our diverse student body ensuring they reach their potential. Jo is unfailingly selfless and supports not only students but also her colleagues, who can turn to her without a moment’s notice.

Sarah Annesley
Northumbria University

Sarah Annesley is a dedicated assistant professor at Northumbria University that inspires and enthuses a passion for research within nursing practice. Supporting students on various nursing courses, demonstrating excellence in her role and helping students to realise their potential. Sarah manages to foster a link between health policy and practice and it is her willingness to share her expert knowledge and insights that enables these complex topics to become more accessible to her students.

Lorraine Randlesome
University of East Anglia

Lorraine Randlesome, nominated for Educator of the Year at the University of East Anglia, impressively directs the Adult Field BSc Nursing programme. She adeptly connects theory and practice, drawing on extensive clinical experience while embodying NHS values. Renowned for interactive teaching methods, Lorraine integrates online tools and a Social Media Champion role, enhancing the learning environment. Her initiatives secure unique experiences, like funding for students at the Royal College of Nursing Congress and organising international elective placements. With outstanding feedback and testimonials, Lorraine is a deserving candidate for the University Educator of the Year Student Nursing Times Award.

Mental health nursing education team
University of the West of England

This creative and cohesive team focuses on providing the best clinically focused teaching and learning experiences for our students. The team are determined to develop Mental Health Nursing skills in our Practice Modules and to improve our provision of coaching for those on placement and also providing an extra curricula activity, where students visit those with dementia and their families in the community. As a lecturing team we ensure that we receive professional restorative supervision focused on our roles of educators and pastorally, the provision of this supervision has been evaluated and seen as helpful in improving our academic practice.

Kevin Fernandez
University of Worcester

Kevin is an outstanding academic and scholar. Highly respected and regarded by his peers and students, Kevin has revolutionised the support for international students studying nursing at the University of Worcester. His own personal lived experience has enabled him to develop support and guidance that has been nationally recognised by organisation such as the Quality Assurance Agency. He is developing a national reputation as an expert in this area.