Student Placement of the Year: Community

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Foundation Trust
South Neighbourhood Community Nursing Placement

We welcome every student nurse/apprentice as part of the team from the moment we find out they are coming to us. We have a board dedicated to our students so that the team knows they are coming before they arrive. Our student rotas are prepared before they come to us, and are amended if needed. Ensuring they have a thorough learning experience We have dedicated staff who manage our students to ensure it is organised effectively We have developed our own in depth information pack which students love. Our students have described the placement as the gold standard of placements.

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
Health Facilitation Nursing Team part of the Learning Disabilities Community Multidisciplinary Team

The Health Facilitation nursing team provides placements to a variety of students, to help them gain experience of supporting people with learning disabilities to get their health needs met. We work with a wide variety of people with learning disabilities including those in transition from children's services, people needing crisis support to stay out of hospital and those who have physical health needs and require a health facilitator to support reducing their health inequalities and improve a hospital admission. As part of a wider MDT the learning opportunities for students are hugely varied and the placements get very positive.

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board
North District Nursing Team

Community placements are unique and challenging. North is unique because we are integrated which means we have lots of different disciplines at our fingertips. Some students come with some insight into community life and some come with know knowledge. Either way we can guarantee they leave us having grown and developed themselves and feel part of our amazing integrated team. We have a high return rate of students wanting to come back into their management placements (3rd yr) and even we have some who have now permanently become part of our workforce is gaining a RN position.

Derian House Children’s Hospice
Paediatric palliative care education

Derian House Children’s Hospice supports and inspires student nurses throughout their placement with emotional and practical support, tailored learning, scheduled reflection time, and one-to-one support. Student nurses receive a variety of valuable experience in community paediatric palliative care alongside specialists, with opportunities to develop skills that they might not receive elsewhere. They experience caring for children and young people with complex health needs first-hand, while also developing skills in the safety of the dedicated clinical skills lab. They are taught that safety and professionalism are of the highest importance at work. Derian House received excellent feedback from students in 2023.

Kumar Family Practice
Creating calm student placements before day one

In our pursuit of this prestigious award, our practice stands out. We begin with a comprehensive induction and a constant feedback loop. Innovative teaching, combining observation and hands-on experience, ensures students are well-prepared for practical challenges. Collaborating with the primary care network exposes our students to diverse healthcare roles, igniting their interest in primary care careers. Our emphasis on professionalism, safety, and a culture of positivity makes us a compelling choice for this award. We "grow our own" and believe that our dedication to nurturing students and shaping the future of healthcare professionals is worthy of this esteemed recognition.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Community teaching

Nottingham Trent University students have consistently reported that Ashfield community team have gone above and beyond in supporting student nurses. They have demonstrated compassion throughout all their interactions with student nurses and ignited a passion about community nursing. They have always made students feel like a valued part of the team and enabled them to develop key nursing skills within a community setting.

Saint Francis Hospice
Palliative and end of life care placement

Saint Francis Hospice are proud of the experience we offer our students. We take care to tailor the learning environment to support students personal and professional individual learning needs. We understand Palliative and End of life care can be scary. Our teams generate a culture that inspires and enthuses; offering safe spaces for students to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of holistic Palliative and End of life care. We care about the health and wellbeing of our students, who are valued members of our team. We enthusiastically welcome and encourage them to embrace the opportunities this special placement provides. 

Shooting Star Children's Hospices
Hospice E Learning Placement (HeLP) CYP

This entry highlights an innovative virtual e learning placement, co-designed and co-delivered by Shooting Star children's hospices and Kingston University using the PEEP model. The resultant highly impactful e learning placement enabled children's nursing students and learning disabilities students to access a hard to reach complex/community placement area. The one week virtual placement involved learning with peers through case studies, reflective exercises and problem solving activities, a day visit to the hospice was central to student learning and included a simulation workshop. This is the first collaboration of its kind in the UK.

Southport and Formby Health
Empowering the student voice in primary care

Working in a GP Surgery is not often a clinical placement in the community that student nurses initially think of. The anxieties associated with the completion of the PAD, fitting in, whilst achieving the NMC proficiencies are often contributing factors. Sefton Primary Care Nurses have developed a clear pathway to support final year student nurses to feel empowered and supported to be able to flourish in their development whilst also having a positive impact on patient outcomes. From initial induction, learning plans, action learning sets and clinical practice, the placement dedication to innovation, makes it a standout choice.

University of Chester
Leadership placement expansion project

The Leadership Placement Expansion Project is a workstream within the Enabling Effective Learning Environments (EELE) programme, working across Cheshire and Merseyside. The EELE programme is hosted by the University of Chester. The overall philosophy of this NHS England funded project is to expand the practice learning opportunities available for students undertaking pre-registration healthcare programmes, including Nursing, Midwifery and AHPs. Placement capacity is an ongoing challenge for universities delivering pre-registration health-related programmes. Enabling Effective Learning Environments (EELE) aims to expand placement capacity as well as diversifying the learning opportunities available.