Student Nurse or Midwife of the Year: Clinical Research

Alexx Dixon
King’s College London

Throughout my student nursing journey, my commitment has centred around integrating theoretical knowledge into impactful outcomes through active participation in clinical research. Leading conferences, contributing to clinical standards, collaborating on diverse research projects, and participating in knowledge exchange events highlights my dedication to bridging the gap between theory and practical healthcare applications. I aspire that my research contributes to positive change, enhancing the well-being of both patients and staff. Continuing forward, I am committed to seeking new avenues for research and advocacy, to promote positive change in healthcare and the well-being of those we serve.

Amber Fletcher
University of Leicester

Amber's comprehensive engagement in academia, primary and secondary research, as well as her proactive approach to learning and contributing to the healthcare research landscape, make her an outstanding candidate for the Student Nurse of the Year award for research. Her commitment to innovation and collaboration in advancing healthcare research exemplifies her as a deserving nominee for this recognition.

Almy Anna John
University of Worcester

Almy Anna John, a year 3 adult nursing student graduating in March 2024, stands out as a passionate advocate for clinical research. Her dedication, passion, and leadership in advancing clinical research have been both rewarding and inspiring to me and my nursing colleagues, especially to her fellow nursing students. Her continuous educational pursuits, active involvement in research networks, and exemplary role modelling have undeniably set her apart. Almy’s commitment to staying informed and her evident contributions to the advancement of clinical research make her an exceptionally deserving nominee for the Student Nurse of the Year: Clinical Research award.

Jamie Percy-Roberts
University of Leicester

I am extremely passionate about breaking down inequalities and barriers for nurses and nursing students wishing to pursue research. I have developed and piloted a placement at the Leicester Clinical Research Facility; Developed a crash course to support the understanding research to tackle peer struggles with evidence based practice and continue to network with research leads and conferences to further my professional development. However, to ensure barriers and opportunities relating to research are tackled I am formulating a research ambassador role within my university as a dissertation service improvement project.

Rae Louise Spencer
University of Essex

As a nursing student, I am passionate about the clinical research nurse (CRN) role and have actively sought opportunities to expand my knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of CRNs. I have gained valuable experience through extracurricular nursing research opportunities and have become a Research Ambassador for Healthwatch Essex. I have attended nursing research conferences and meetings to represent students' perspectives and gain insight into the formation of strategies on a large scale. Winning a Student Nursing Times Award would be a significant milestone in my career and inspire me to continue advocating for CRNs in healthcare.