Student Nurse of the Year: Mental Health

Jasmine Ashraff
Buckinghamshire New University

Jasmine is a articulate, helpful and inspirational student nurse. She excels at patient care and always gives her all, be it for patients or her student colleagues alike. She has created worksheets that have assisted her student colleagues to complete all their placements fully, giving them reminders of what needs to be done and when. She has also written handbooks for placements, which are still in place today. She is an exceptional student who always gives 100% even with her own struggles. We would highly recommend her as student nurse of the year: Mental Health without any concerns.

Elizabeth Barker
Buckinghamshire New University

This submission endorses a remarkable mental health nursing student for the Student Nursing Times Award, highlighting their exceptional academic and clinical achievements. The student has excelled academically, scoring over 80% in their dissertation, and demonstrated profound knowledge across all studies. In clinical settings, they have been commended for their skill, professionalism, and exemplary role modelling in mental health care. Their leadership and team collaboration have positively influenced peers and contributed to high-quality patient care. Active in mental health advocacy, their efforts extend to community outreach. Overall, their outstanding accomplishments make them an ideal candidate for this prestigious award.

Chioma Vivian Ezunu
University of Northampton

My journey highlights the significance of empathetic nursing. I have experienced profound personal growth, academic dedication, and compassionate patient care. I learned resilience and adaptability in high-pressure situations, furthering my understanding of mental health complexities. Innovatively, I integrated various care strategies, fostering better outcomes and advocating for holistic care approaches. Academically, I excelled, grounding my practice in evidence-based approaches. Despite challenges, I remain committed to mental health nursing, aiming to mentor future students and drive improvements in mental healthcare services. My journey embodies compassion, clinical excellence, leadership, and a dedication to patient well-being.

Amber Fletcher
University of Leicester

Amber is a dual field adult and mental health nursing student with a fervent commitment to well-being, vulnerable populations, and professional development. She excels as a student representative, providing unwavering support for peers facing personal challenges. Her dedication led to university improvements and recognition. Amber's passion extends to forensics and justice nursing, where she has focused her dissertation topic about mental health in prisons which is already gauging interest by the NHSE justice team.

Jack Holbrook
University of the West of England

In this entry, the student aligns their nursing practices with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct, Future Nurse Standards, and the Mental Health Nurses' Handbook. They showcase providing excellent care for mental health service users, addressing injustices, and collaborating for multidisciplinary care. The student emphasises understanding individual service user preferences, implementing therapeutic relations, and reducing dysregulation episodes. They also highlight confidently questioning practices, such as challenging blanket restrictions, and being a role model through the Freedom to Speak Up system. The student reflects on atypical experiences, aiming to inspire others to advocate for positive changes in their professional environments.

Carly Lowndes
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Carly's academic trajectory into the Mental Health Nursing program, via APEL at the second-year entry point, is noteworthy, particularly given her extended absence from formal education spanning over a decade. Her dedication and resilience are evident in her pursuit of a nursing career. Carly's clinical proficiency, coupled with her empathetic demeanor, positions her as an exemplary student. Her positive attitude, diligent work ethic, and supportive role within the peer group contribute significantly to fostering a constructive learning environment. The consistently positive feedback received from each placement, specifically highlighting Carly's attitude and effort, attests to her professionalism.

Zachary Singlehurst
University of Nottingham

Through academic and professional development, I have developed strong communication skills and a commitment to evidence-based practice. My proactive approach includes challenging views to foster growth, initiating open discussions, and addressing health inequalities. I completed a unique, competitive internship, gaining a teaching qualification and contributing to research on Modern Slavery. Using my experiences as a trans man, I actively promote social inclusion and draw on my personal experiences to advocate for patient support and educate healthcare professionals. My patient-centred care, workshops, and achievements demonstrate my commitment to being the mental health student nurse of the year.

Sinead Spencer
Buckinghamshire New University

Sinead is a dynamic, passionate and thoughtful student mental health nurses. She always demonstrates empathy and compassion toward her colleagues and patients, and she is always willing to help others. She is not afraid to advocate for colleague’s or patients' voices to be heard. She has a proactive, can-do attitude, and will always go the extra mile to help others.