Student Nurse of the Year: Children

Leah Adekoya
London South Bank University

Leah is a shining example of resilience, determination, consideration, kindness, and professionalism. She is an active promoter of the profession and uses her voice to guide and support others. Leah has navigated her way through personal challenges whilst juggling the challenges of university life and still finds the time to be actively involved with numerous voluntary roles. She consistently receives encouraging feedback recognising her hard work from both her host trust and university staff. Leah leads her peer by example and always does so with a reassuring smile. 

Shannon Bellchambers
London South Bank University and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Shannon stands out as a conscientious, committed and enthusiastic student nurse who is eager to learn. She is a passionate student whose positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm for nursing and her own personal and professional growth, inspires others to follow in her footsteps. Not only is Shannon an outstanding student, but also a strong role model for all her student colleagues. Her positive and friendly attitude helps her to develop effective and trusting working relationships with everyone that she meets.

Jemma Clarke
Queen’s University Belfast

Jemma is a third-year CYP Nursing Student at Queen's University, Belfast. She has excelled both during clinical placements and in her studies on campus. Jemma possesses all the attributes to become an amazing CYP Nurse, despite a type one diabetes mellitus diagnosis during her second placement of first year, she has stood out amongst her peers for her caring and compassion when dealing with patients and their families. A highlight for Jemma was during September 2023, when she presented her study as an oral presentation to a national conference highlighting Palliative Care in CYP.

Nathan Coley
Staffordshire University

Nathan is the epitome of a 'gold standard' nursing student. He has overcome so many personal challenges to be the aspiring clinician he is today, and puts his patients, their familes, and carers at the heart of everything that he does. His determination, passion and inner strength to succeed has been unwavering and he is a role model for our profession. We are so very very proud of him.

Beth Dennis
Birmingham City University

I am passionate about student nurse experience/support so I have got involved in the #150 leaders programme, became a CYPStNN ambassador, created student nurse flashcards that have been given out to 650 students for free, developed student nurse led workshops and more. In 2014 I started my social action journey. I have since been involved in/continued beside my training: NHS Youth Forum, young persons advisory group at Birmingham Children's Hospital, become a sibling support volunteer for siblings of ill children and more. These experiences have helped shape me into the student nurse I am today.

Katie Green
University of Nottingham

I am a third year student nurse with a passion for supporting others, especially in times of distress and worry. I actively engage in compassionate conversations with patients and their families, offering understanding to their worries, concerns, upset, and their joy. I recognise the importance of acknowledging everyone's unique experiences, perspectives, and circumstances, all of which allows me to provide them with compassion, empathy and care. I am also academically and clinically dedicated. Through reflection, I have envisioned ways in which I believe I can assist in the improvement of healthcare practice.

Kayleigh Knight
Staffordshire University

Kayleigh is an inspirational student nurse with a unique ability to engage others, whether children. young people, their families or her peers. She is compassionate and able to demonstrate genuine empathy through her day to day interactions. She is always striving to improve and regularly reflects on situations she has been part of to enable her to continually improve time after time. Kayleigh also seeks to understand nursing on a human level as well as an academic level. She is inspirational and motivates others to be better and expand their knowledge too.

Mariana Lopes
London South Bank University

Mariana has shown herself to be an exceptional third year student as she has successfully navigated a significant adjustment in moving from her home country Portugal and choosing to pursue a course in Children’s Nursing. This is noteworthy, as when Mariana came to England eight years ago she did not speak much English. Mariana has developed significantly to become an excellent communicator, to be a student working to a very high standard, caring, compassionate and empathetic towards others. Mariana will soon become a member of the nursing workforce and represents well the values held in high esteem within our profession.

Dhimple Patel
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Dhimple Patel is an inspirational Nursing Student, in the second year of her Registered Nursing Degree Apprenticeship at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Dhimple’s responsibilities as the Inclusion and Diversity Ambassador, Student Voice for the School of Nursing and President Founder of the Nursing Society enable her to take a strong role in advocating for fellow students, working closely with program-leaders to improve student experience, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Dhimple has also been involved in a clinical project which improved patients outcomes through the reduction of wound infection. Dhimple is a unique individual with a strong passion for children’s nursing.