Student Nurse of the Year: Adult

Emma Bird
University of Essex

My journey embodies resilience and commitment, navigating academic challenges while supporting loved one's cancer battle. Enrolling in a short-course at University of Cumbria to expand my skills and knowledge. Active engagement with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) as a Student Ambassador and committee member has fuelled my advocacy at the national level. Addressing issues like supernumerary status and neurodiversity bias at RCN Congress showcases my dedication to improving student experiences. My writing contributions to RCN blogs and articles cover diverse topics. Recognised with the Phi Mu Chapter Student Leadership Award; all while studying a degree at University of Essex.

Philippa Esson
Kingston University

Philippa demonstrates exceptional communication skills in a wide range of settings and with a range of people, which she has honed in her voluntary work with people who are suicidal. She has excellent skills and knowledge, and is quickly able to assimilate specialist knowledge as she moves to different areas and apply this to patient care. In her interactions with patients, carers and staff, she displays a genuine compassion. Philippa is an excellent role model and stands out as an exceptional student nurse in both the practice and academic setting, supporting and inspiring others.

Emma Henry
Ulster University

Emma is an an exceptional student nurse. She is respected and admired by both her peers and lecturers alike. She has received excellent feedback across all of her placements and is a role model. Service users users have commented on her calm approachable manner, her empathy and natural ability to make them feel at ease. Practice assessors note how well she blends into a team and how she uses her knowledge and skills to benefit everyone around her. this extends beyond practice learning to both the classroom and a range of extra curricular activities.

Jenita Loheswaran
University of Plymouth

A mentor, Student Ambassador, EDI advocate and Nursing Associate are just some of the many strings to Jenita's bow - a passionate Student Nurse who strives for excellence, both in the classroom and in practice. Even recently having worked with NHS England to learn more about the student journey, Jenita is continually utilising learning opportunities to help support her fellow students as well as Student Nurses of the future. A high-achieving student who inspires people everywhere she goes, Jenita has overcome some major obstacles in her personal life to become the successful, inspiring and remarkable young woman she is today.

Glenn McDowell
Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast nominates Glenn McDowell for Adult Nursing Student of the Year. A final-year student, Glenn exemplifies safety, kindness, and compassion, demonstrating excellence throughout his three-year program. As a class representative and Deputy School Representative, he advocates for positive student experiences. Glenn's leadership in co-design projects, particularly the development of a serious game for pancreatic cancer awareness, yielded significant impact, with improved awareness and help-seeking intentions. His regional recognition includes presenting the game at the Chief Nursing Officer conference. Beyond academics, Glenn engages in community events, actively promoting nursing as a positive role model.

Zoe Parsons
University of Greenwich

Final year adult nursing students with an expected first class achievement. Has embraced the adult nursing programme and supported peers throughout by representation as a Adult Nursing Programme Representative, Trust Student Council Member, Vygo Peer Mentor for first year students and participating in the university careers mentoring programme. Recognised for empathy and compassion with practice and support the host trust conference as a panel member for Kindness and Compassion. Has also supported the university as a Student Ambassador and Ambassador for STAART (Support through *accessibility: Retention and Transition).

Claire Snelling
University of Chester

Claire was nominated in the category of Student Nurse of the Year (Adult), following the successful completion of a leadership placement, within the Targeted Practice Education Programme (TPEP) team. In which Claire quickly established herself as a valued member of the team. Excelling in all elements of her professional values and contributing towards enhancing quality placements for students. In addition to demonstrating innovative practice by identifying an area for improvement within AI practice learning, and providing a clear plan for implementation as part of the corporate placement project and presented this to the Cheshire and Merseyside Practice Learning Collaborative.

Adele Taylor
University of Cumbria

Adele embodies the essence of nursing, with her core values reflecting those of integrity and advocacy. Her achievements throughout her nursing studies are not shy of awe-inspiring, although Adele herself, kind and humble in nature, would not lionise her own successes. Adele's achievements include being a student council member, student representative, co-author in articles for the Nursing Times, previous student quality ambassador, first-class honors achieving student and advocate for public health nursing. She has overcome significant challenges in her personal life and still maintains an insatiable passion for nursing and providing high quality care.