Partnership of the Year

Birmingham City University
Legacy WM: Flourish community and cultural immersion practice learning

Birmingham’s diversity is increasing and each of our many communities have differing health and access needs. Communities that have had poor health experiences may no longer trust the NHS, so don’t engage as well, as early or at all, which leads to more poor health experiences and a greater lack of trust. The BCU Community and Cultural Immersion Practice Learning Experience (PLE) has been created to expose students to nontraditional community learning opportunities to immerse them in the diverse culture of a Birmingham community where they experience health inequalities first hand. The student feedback about this PLE has been phenomenal.

Bournemouth University
Learning opportunities enhancing person-centred palliative and end-of-life care

Bournemouth University (BU) and Lewis Manning Hospice Care (LMHC) have formed an inspiring, innovative, and extraordinary partnership that has been making a significant difference to student nurse experiences and their professional development in palliative and end of life care (PEoLC) in a variety of ways. For example, through the introduction of a co-designed, novel scholarship in palliative and end of life care for final year, pre-registration nursing students; a match-funded PhD studentship to investigate people's experiences of decompensated liver disease, co-convened keynote lectures, and new resources aimed at enhancing nursing student preparation for delivering PEoLC as their application will explain.

Buckinghamshire New University and partners
The evolution of the Peer Enhanced e-Placement (PEeP)

The North-west and South-west London PEeP project involved 5 universities and 3 mental health practice learning providers. The strength of this project was the collaborative working between partners (learners, academics, practice providers and experts by experience/actors) and the enthusiasm to develop an innovative approach to simulated practice learning within mental health pre-registration nursing. PEeP is an online placement model which allows learners to continue with learning to achieve their practice outcomes in line with professional body requirements. PEeP has transformed curriculum delivery by providing an innovative approach to simulated practice learning for Mental Health and Learning Disability pre-registration nursing.

Edge Hill University
Personalised Care Interprofessional Education Network

Our partnership is a genuinely unique integrated community of practice that is re-shaping student learning across UK Higher education Institutions (HEI’s) and third sector contexts and global partners. We developed the PerCIE Framework which enables organisations to guide nursing, midwifery, medical, health, and social care students to learn about strengths-based approaches to wellbeing, and a deeper understanding of person centred, interprofessional practice. We build on the student experience and voice to enrich the student learning through curricula design and placement expansion preparing them for future workforce development, making a difference to students and people’s lives.

Kingston University and Shooting Star Children’s Hospices
Hospice E Learning Placement (HeLP) CYP

This entry highlights the powerful, dynamic and expert partnership between Kingston University and Shooting Star children's hospices. Together they created a highly impactful e learning placement which enabled children's nursing students and learning disabilities students to access a hard to reach placement area. The project team co-designed an innovative programme using the PEEP model. The one week placement involved learning with and from peers through case studies, reflective exercises and problem solving activities, a day visit to the hospice was central to student learning and included a simulation workshop. This is the first collaboration of its type in the UK.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Leeds Beckett University
Development of a training and placement programme to increase awareness and confidence of research, innovation and evidence based practice

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Leeds Beckett University have worked collaboratively to develop and embed a unique programme which comprises of education focused on the “real world” application and delivery of research and the opportunity to undertake a placement in the innovative and developing field of clinical research.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, and Teesside University
Cancer Internship Programme

The Cancer Internship Programme is an innovative approach to providing career development opportunities for registered nurses aspiring to become cancer CNS’s by developing specialist knowledge and skills through working directly with cancer teams. The bespoke programme is a collaboration between two NHS Trusts, NHS England Workforce Training and Education and Teesside University. Funding enables interns to spend 1 day per week over 12 months with a cancer CNS team or in clinical placements in oncology/palliative care, supported by clinical mentors. Educational sessions provide knowledge and theory to underpin practice and formal accreditation is through the Teesside university cancer module.

University of Hertfordshire and Keech Hospice Care with East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Garden House Hospice Care, and Isabel Hospice Care
Compassionate Herts: preparing student nurses for end of life care

Compassionate Herts is a partnership between the university and educators from local hospices and NHS Trust. This has led to significant improvements in how we prepare student nurses for their roles in end-of-life care. Working together to design and deliver simulation-based learning and a collaborative conference approach to replace lectures, we are giving our students a unique, positive learning environment conducive to supporting individual growth, confidence and experience. This partnership approach is effective in developing a compassionate community of nursing students who are exceptionally well prepared to respond to the increasing demand for high quality end of life care.

University of Hertfordshire and May Contain Nuts Theatre Company
Developing communication skills in students

The University of Hertfordshire Mental Health Nursing Team fosters innovative collaboration by engaging in close partnership with the May Contain Nuts theatre company to engage mental health nursing students in weekly role plays with people who have experienced, or are currently living with mental health problems. These sessions serve to immerse our students in progressively complex scenarios, allowing them to apply their communication skills in real-life situations to develop their confidence and skills. These sessions are highly regarded by our students who appreciate the opportunity to work with Experts by Experience and value their feedback.

University of Salford
Creating enabling clinical learning environments for autistic student nurses

The University of Salford has led on a unique partnership project : ‘creating enabling clinical environments for autistic student nurses’ . This innovative work has involved collaboration with both regional and national clinical partners, and autistic student nurses to increase practice knowledge regarding the unique needs of autistic student nurses and to collaboratively create inclusive clinical learning environments . Following evaluation of the impact of this , the project team have created a nationally accessible eLearning module designed for clinical partners to utilize, and further increase their skills and expertise in supporting autistic individuals.