Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs

Olajumoke Akinwande
Buckinghamshire New University

Ola encourages fellow students to hold nursing in high esteem and supports both in theory and practice to fill knowledge gaps. Ola champions, challenges and debates any student concerns to ensure a great learning environment and experience for all students to thrive. Written reports from Ola, to academics and follow up conversations, on all taught modules ensures positive changes year after year. Ola ensures that all students are able to contribute which ensures critical co-creation, inclusivity and diversity of opinions for a sound responsive curriculum delivery.

Soneika Atkinson
University of Essex

Soneika "Sunny" Atkinson is a dedicated final-year mental health nursing student with a rich healthcare background. Her journey from dental nurse to her current role reflects adaptability and a profound commitment to patient care. Sunny's passion for mental health stems from her mothers influence. She excels in interpersonal skills, compassion, and empathy, making her a role model for student nursing. As a 'student voice,' she advocates for improved student experiences and is part of the RePAIR project addressing student attrition. Sunny's leadership extends to dental wellness in mental health settings, reflecting her commitment to holistic care

Lily Bowdler
Birmingham City University

Over the last 4 years, Lily, a dual field nursing student, has been a significant contributer to student affairs here at Birmingham City University across the Future Nurse curriculum. Her involvement in transformational projects at a course, university and national level has created positive change for our nursing students, prospective nursing students and peers across the country. Lily's achievements have not compromised her academic or clinical learning experience achievements with her flourishing in these too.

Savanna Boyer
University of Hull

Beth Dennis
Birmingham City University

I am passionate about student nurse experience/support so I have got involved in the #150 leaders programme, became a CYPStNN ambassador, created student nurse flashcards that have been given out to 650 students for free, developed student nurse led workshops and more. In 2014 I started my social action journey. I have since been involved in/continued beside my training: NHS Youth Forum, young persons advisory group at Birmingham Children's Hospital, become a sibling support volunteer for siblings of ill children and more. These experiences have helped shape me into the student nurse I am today.

Chioma Vivian Ezunu
University of Northampton

I have shown a commitment to academic excellence and enhancing the university experience for my peers. Recognising the growing attrition rate among black student nurses, I joined an initiative supported by Health Education England to improve retention. As a mentor, I fostered confidence and a sense of belonging among my mentees. I co-founded the Nigerian Student Society to promote inclusivity and advocate for international students' needs. As a Student Equality Consultant, I actively contributed to policy discussions, influencing equitable university policies. I intends to leverage her skills in her nursing career to advocate for patient welfare and diverse healthcare policies.

Jenita Loheswaran
University of Plymouth

From being a PALS leader, to a Student Course Representative; a Student Ambassador to a Registered Nursing Associate - there is very little Jenita does not do! She throws herself into university life, utilising every opportunity that is presented to her. Also a member of the RePAIR South-West Student Council, Jenita is a pioneer and trailblazer leading the way for improved student experiences across the county. Her passion for Student Affairs knows no bounds and she continually strives to ensure a happy and healthy environment for all student nurses she meets on her journey.

Patrina Loughran
Queen’s University Belfast

Patrina's journey is a testament to her multifaceted contributions to professional nursing at QUB. As a role model, Patrina’s impact goes beyond awards and accolades; it's woven into the very fabric of the academic community. Patrina has instilled positive values within the student body, encouraging a proactive approach to problem solving, moving beyond transactional engagement with staff, to systems focused on constructive relationships. Despite her multitude of successes Patrina remains both authentic and humble. When asked where she gets the motivation and energy to perform so successfully, she replied simply “because I enjoy it”.

Jennifer Luff
University of Wolverhampton

Zachary Singlehurst
University of Nottingham

I commit to enhancing the student experience in mental health nursing. I created a project that addressed issues with the curriculum and learning environments to increase student engagement. Through surveys, focus groups, and direct observation, I gathered sufficient data to present actionable recommendations to the senior-level management boards, leading to approval for a curriculum review at the University of Nottingham. As an intern, I gained a globally accredited teaching qualification and transformed learning environments by tailoring sessions to student preferences, fostering collaborative participation, and creating valuable resources. My contributions have been shared at conferences to improve MH nursing education nationally.