Nurse Education Provider of the Year (pre-registration)

Manchester Metropolitan University
Mental health nursing programme team

Manchester Metropolitan University's Mental Health Nursing programmes have undergone transformation and growth in recent years. The teaching team are passionate about their programme and over the past two years have worked tirelessly to re-design both programmes to ensure that themes are developed cohesively. The team deliver an outstanding Personal Tutor service and this is reflected in the positive feedback from students, who value their supportive, coaching approach. The team sees students as valuable stakeholders in their own education. They collaborate with employers, employ simulation-based facilities, involve those with lived experience in the learning and engage in impactful research.

Middlesex University
Building confidence and sense of belonging for students

Middlesex University takes pride in its pre-registration provision, focusing on: creating a sense of belonging, enhancing assessment literacy, and recruiting talented academics. Student cafes foster a strong community and provide a platform for open discussions, contributing to a sense of belonging. Assessment literacy is promoted through essay guidance templates and a science hub, ensuring students excel in clinical evaluations. The recruitment of Nurse and Practice Education Fellows brings clinical expertise to academia, supporting students and the NHS Long-Term Plan. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to excellence, and winning this award would honour our collective dedication and inspire further achievements.

Staffordshire University
BSc Honors Nursing Practice (Child) Course

Staffordshire University Pre-registration Nursing Program offers a nurturing and supportive environment for future student nurse development. The team have a diverse range of experience which helps them bring the teaching environment to life and assists students with linking theory to practice. Students are offered a wide range of extra curricular activities as part of their course which allows them to grow and develop holistically. Academic success is supported but there are also other opportunities to shine, such as participating in conferences, peer mentoring and engaging in research.

University College Birmingham
The holistic approach

At University College Birmingham, we have an enormous sense of pride in what has been achieved by such a small team since the first cohort commenced in 2020. There have been challenges, as well as highs and lows but the quality of the programme delivery has never waivered. Students continue to be at the heart of everything we do. We strive to maintain our cohorts small enough so the programme can be delivered with a personable approach where the lecturers know all of the students by name and the students can learn in an open and trusting environment.

University of Hertfordshire
Nursing and midwifery provision

We are proud to be a university that encourages students to succeed and are delighted with our high Value Added scores and student experience, reflected in our excellent NSS results this year. We welcome students from a range of backgrounds and levels of experiences which adds to the rich diversity of our programmes and our students enjoy learning from each other, building strong support networks. We closely work with our Practice Partners and Experts by Experience to ensure our programmes reflect current healthcare, and keeps the patient journey at the heart of all we do.

University of Sheffield
Supporting students

The University of Sheffield Adult Nursing team standout from the rest. The provide support, care and commitment to all students. They are building future students that are responsible, resilient, able and happy through their teaching and support during the pre-registration period to final graduation. They have high standards of academic and practical teaching which is always noticed by each Trust I have been a student Nurse at. The Trust recognises and notices the difference in students that attend our university and always give positive feedback. They provide excellent resources on offer to inspire student Nurses.