Most Inspirational Student Nurse of the Year

Jade Ainsworth
Edge Hill University

I am Jade Ainsworth, a 3rd-year Mental Health Nursing Student at Edge Hill University. I fought my way from the walls of institutions to an Excellence Scholarship recipient. In my life, I have gone from facing immense adversity to becoming a mental health nursing student and advocate, even transcending the borders of the UK. Now equipped with the experiences to be a compassionate mental health nurse, champion for the voiceless, I continue to be a catalyst for change within imperfect systems.

Lily Bowdler
Birmingham City University

My aspiration to be a nurse was sparked when observing the care a family member received. Being a student nurse is a challenging but rewarding journey which I'm motivated to complete. Since returning, I've utilised my experience to contribute to the development of improved support systems for student nurses and partaken in activities to raise the profile of mental health within university students. I participate in extracurricular activities to enable and inspire others students academically and practically through simulation workshops.

April Canning
Ulster University

April is a committed and active student nurse who makes effective use of her knowledge, skills and time to make a tangible difference to those she cares for. Her dedication and achievements despite the challenges she has experienced have been acknowledged at a local and regional level from the awards she has gained. She has the potential to influence and inspire others beyond this and it is hoped through this nomination this will be made possible. April is a person-centred, engaging, and enthusiastic student nurse who is a true inspiration and role model for peers and colleagues.

Haleemah Choudhry
London South Bank University and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Haleemah Choudhry navigated the personal challenges and inspired students, staff and patients along the way. Haleemah is a strong role model. Her kindness, patience and enthusiasm help her build effective, trusting and supportive relationships with patients and their families. Haleemah has told me “I believe everyone has their own story but I would like to share mine and show life does go on and tough times don’t last forever.”

Beth Dennis
Birmingham City University

I am passionate about student nurse experience/support so I have got involved in the #150 leaders programme, became a CYPStNN ambassador, created student nurse flashcards that have been given out to 650 students for free, developed student nurse led workshops and more. In 2014 I started my social action journey. I have since been involved in/continued beside my training: NHS Youth Forum, young persons advisory group at Birmingham Children's Hospital, become a sibling support volunteer for siblings of ill children and more. These experiences have helped shape me into the student nurse I am today.

Kyle Gilmore
Buckinghamshire New University

Kyle Gilmore, is a third year student on the BSc (Hons ) Adult Nursing course at Buckinghamshire New University. Kyle throughout his life journey so far demonstrates personal resilience, leadership and personal role modelling. Kyle also displays the ability to overcome challenge to achieve success. Kyle's ethos is based around the concepts of duty, public service and the care of others which he shows through his achievement of academic and clinical milestones on his student journey to become a registrant. He is an exemplar of the 2nd decade, 21st Century , Registered Adult Nurse.

Fiona Larkin
Queen’s University Belfast

Fiona is a nursing student who embodies care and compassion and who never hesitates to support others. She impresses clinicians and inspires her peers. In the context of difficult personal circumstances, Fiona has demonstrated all the qualities of an inspirational student nurse in her day to day interactions with peers, educators and clinicians, and also within one challenging and extraordinary event on her last clinical nursing placement, wherein she sought medical attention for a colleague who had an acute medical emergency.

Patrina Loughran
Queen’s University Belfast

Patrina's journey is a testament to her multifaceted contributions to professional nursing at QUB. As a role model, Patrina’s impact goes beyond awards and accolades; it's woven into the very fabric of the academic community. Patrina has instilled positive values within the student body, encouraging a proactive approach to problem solving, moving beyond transactional engagement with staff, to systems focused on constructive relationships. Despite her multitude of successes Patrina remains both authentic and humble. When asked where she gets the motivation and energy to perform so successfully, she replied simply “because I enjoy it”.

Zoe Parsons
University of Greenwich

Final year adult nursing students with an expected first class achievement. Has overcome family trauma and shown resilience and adaptability to balance academic and work life balance. Is a strong peer advocate and has served multiple roles including Programme Representative, Student Council Member, Student Ambassador, STAART Ambassador, and Vygo Student Peer Mentor. Has shown good empathy and compassion in practice and used student status in recent conference to reflect on kindness and compassion in practice and demonstrating compassionate leadership.

Adele Taylor
University of Cumbria

Adele embodies the essence of nursing, with her core values reflecting those of integrity and advocacy. Her achievements throughout her nursing studies are not shy of awe-inspiring, although Adele herself, kind and humble in nature, would not lionise her own successes. Adele's achievements include being a student council member, student representative, co-author in articles for the Nursing Times, previous student quality ambassador, first-class honors achieving student and advocate for public health nursing. She has overcome significant challenges in her personal life and still maintains an insatiable passion for nursing and providing high quality care.

Freya Williams
Liverpool John Moores University

Over the course of my life, and particularly during my degree, I have suffered a number of health challenges including me having a nasal feeding tube placed during the first year of my degree, and a gastrojejunostomy placed for long term enteral feeding during the second year of my degree. During this time I have done work with the RCNi, my university, and local trusts to help improve disabled representation within the NHS, educate people on feeding tubes and enteral feeing, and to show young disabled people that they have a place in the NHS workforce.