Mary Seacole Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion

Oriyomi Aminu
Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

Yomi's exceptional commitment within the Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme epitomises diversity, equality, and inclusivity. His leadership and advocacy resonate profoundly, impacting peers, the university, and employers significantly. His presence in program materials showcases enthusiasm, validating the apprenticeship's value to all involved. As a student representative, Yomi fosters solidarity among peers, extending guidance to newer representatives, nurturing a culture of inclusivity. Yomi's inspiring journey, family devotion, and encouragement to future apprentices reflect our shared values, and his active involvement in programme development ensures a diverse, equitable, and inclusive platform for future nursing associates.

Alexx Dixon
King’s College London

Committed to providing inclusive nursing care, I've strived consistently to enhance patient experiences for diverse groups. My role in organising impactful events, contributing to publications, and advocating for marginalised communities solidifies my dedication as an ally for diversity and inclusion. Through tailored healthcare initiatives and fostering inclusive environments, I've championed the needs of diverse backgrounds. My commitment extends to innovating for a diverse study and work environment, aiming for compassionate care and inclusivity in nursing practices. My proactive engagement across multiple projects underlines this dedication.

Asli Garane
Sheffield Hallam University

Asli has been a Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals co lead for three years and has contributed a huge amount of her own time in improving the student experience of racially minoritised students. She has led and been involved in Inductions, talks, workshops, annual conference, drop ins, fundraisers and much more. Asli's qualities Include compassion and empathy for her peers in difficulties, articulates reassuringly, empowers, skilled public speaker has innovative ideas and strives to understand racism and intersectionalities. She is reliable and willing giving 100% to all she is involved in.

Farha Hajat
University of Leicester

Farha goes above and beyond in everything that she does, this is reflected in her feedback academically and within practice. Farha is not afraid to strive forward and initiate potential change. Farha always demonstrates courage and enthusiasm in everything that she takes on and despite facing her own challenges, continues to keep reaching for the stars. Farah's innovations and proposals, highlight diversity and inclusion at their core. Farah does not give up when faced with challenge and will always find ways to overcome them. Farha speaks for the student nurse of 2024 and offers hope, bravery and an opportunity.

Sharleen Linton
University of Greenwich and Streatham GP Clinic

I am Sharleen Linton, a nurse in a general practice setting and an ACP student at the University of Greenwich. My commitment to addressing the rising prevalence of hypertension in the Afro-Caribbean community is my passion. Recognising the need for enhanced support, I have chosen hypertension as my advanced clinical practice studies' focus. My research, 'The Effectiveness of Lifestyle Interventions for Hypertension in Afro-Caribbean Patients,' aligns with the Mary Seacole Award's objectives. As a black Afro-Caribbean individual, my goal is to provide holistic care, contributing to improved well-being and diversity in healthcare.

Jenita Loheswaran
University of Plymouth

As an active member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group at the university, I have been heavily involved in this year’s recruitment drive – from delivering introductory sessions during induction week for 1st years to working in collaboration with staff and students to co-ordinate an ‘EDI Showcase’ – a chance to show how all those involved with the university can work together to promote EDI in all that we do. Additionally I have also played an instrumental role in the implementation of different coloured skinned Manikins within our Clinical Skills laboratories, now in use across two Nursing campuses.

Dhimple Patel
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

I’m deeply passionate about diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), my nursing journey reflects a commitment to these values. Overcoming challenges, including a learning disability, I’ve excelled in my apprenticeship, earning accolades at GOSH. Actively engaged in DEI at BPP University and GOSH, I'm recognized for dedication and compassion. Within various roles, I champion DEI through successful events and support sessions. As a panel speaker at Conference, I emphasized education's role in fostering equality. This strengthened my resolve to advocate for diverse perspectives and positive change. Through ongoing efforts, I aspire to inspire and contribute to an inclusive educational landscape.

Jessica Pidcock
Sheffield Hallam University

I am a second-year student children's nurse at Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire. I am autistic, and I have faced prejudice and discrimination based on that. Over the last year, I have worked with SSHINE and, as an individual, on educating hospital trusts nationwide on how best to support neurodivergent students and staff. I have collaborated with students and newly qualified healthcare staff, including other nurses, AHP’s and non-registered professionals. I hope that by staff being better educated on neurodiversity and equity, we can better care for each other and our patients.

Zachary Singlehurst
University of Nottingham

I use my experiences as a trans man with a specific learning difference to contribute to diversity and inclusion within my university and on practice placements. I also act as an ally to listen to others, educate myself on ways I can support individuals within my work, and advocate for service users, visitors, and my colleagues. I have actively contributed to projects focused on improving the learning environment within my university and the knowledge base of students and qualified nurses and have gained a globally accredited teaching qualification (AFHEA) because of the impact of my contributions.

Claire Thompson
Queen’s University Belfast

Claire has created 'Makaton Monday's' across a range of social media platforms and has attracted the attention of health and social care providers, parents, members of the general public and celebrities alike. This has led to the development of a range of Makaton resources and other resources aimed at health care professionals, student nurses and service users to improve access to healthcare and reduce inequalities in health for people with learning disabilities. This has created opportunities for Claire to raise the profile of learning disabilities and the need for improved communication for this often ignored population of service users.