Best Student Experience

Birmingham City University
Expansion and development of practice learning experiences

For this Best Student Experience category, I want to demonstrate how four of Birmingham City University’s new alternative Practice learning experiences; The Active Wellbeing Society, FareShare West Midlands, Over the Wall Residential Summer Camp and Legacy WM/Flourish Community and Cultural Immersion have enhanced our student’s learning by:

• Promote integrated PLE’s for cross field exposure

• Assist with achieving cross field proficiencies and interprofessional working

• Exposure to community-based projects for all 4 fields of nursing

• Offer a global understanding of pre-hospital health and ill health

• Champion diversity, growth and creating new innovative approaches to practice learning

Brunel University London
Immersive learning project

The introduction of the Immersive Learning Room (ILR) at Brunel University London has significantly enhancing students' learning experiences. The ILR employs technology to immerse students in lifelike scenarios, improving clinical skills and communication through innovative gamification. The transformative impact is evident in overwhelming student feedback, with 95% reporting improved assessment skills and 98% finding the immersive scenarios highly engaging. This student-centric approach extends to sustainability practices, reducing costs and waste. The ILR's success has not only influenced other disciplines but also underscored its pivotal role in creating impactful and enjoyable learning environments for students across various healthcare disciplines.

Keele University
Simulated placement learning

The goal of the Keele Clinical Practice Teaching Fellows is simple; to provide simulated placement learning to effectively prepare students for clinical practice, through the use of innovative practice focused simulation. The simulations that the team creates are based on their experiences from a diverse range of clinical practice including military, intensive-care, paediatrics, specialist practice and midwifery. The team prides themselves on creating simulations that tests student knowledge and understanding in an inclusive way that appeals to a myriad of learning styles.

University College Birmingham
Knowing me, knowing you

At University college Birmingham we pride ourselves on knowing our students and having the students know the nursing team. We work in collaboration with the students, planning forward with their involvement and acting on the feedback provided to us. There are a diverse range of nursing students on the courses including those from the international community as well as those with a range of learning needs including those with neurodiversity. We respect and value the absolute unique qualities of each and every one of the students and build strong relationships which enables a close-knit network of support and trust.

University of Bolton
Mental health nursing team

We are a small team who have just graduated our first cohort of RMHNs. We take pride in knowing each one of our learners, and they not only have academic support but their emotional well-being is being supported throughout the program. We are extremely welcoming and learners know they can knock on the office door and there is always someone who will support them. We have intensive personal tutoring to guide our learners and ensure they feel well-supported. The team has received some excellent feedback.

University of Leicester
Buddy scheme and coaching

The University of Leicester stands as a testament to the power of personalised mentorship and a nurturing academic environment. Through the dedication of lecturers, the university has exemplified how genuine connections and supportive relationships are foundational to an exceptional student experience.