Hints and tips

The Student Nursing Times Awards are now open for entries!

Before you start your entry, take a look at our hints and tips below to ensure that your submission is your best work and you have the best chance of making the shortlist:

  • Make a note of the deadline: you must submit your entry by Friday 16 December 2022. To make sure you have this date in mind – write it in your diary, on your calendar or set notifications on your phone to ensure you don't miss the chance to enter your excellent work
  • Preparation is key: now that you know the deadline, allow yourself plenty of time to write, develop and submit your entry. Coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes can help you remember important details that may be the difference between being shortlisted and just missing out
  • Make the judges' job easy: write in clear, plain English, avoid jargon and use bullet points where appropriate to break up the text
  • Align your entry with the criteria: create your account, or login with your email and password used to create your account if you have already done so. Select ‘Enter Now’ against the category you wish to view where the criteria will be displayed. If you wish to start your entry at this point any information you add will be autosaved and you can login to complete the rest of the entry at any time
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling: poorly presented entries lack credibility. Don't lose out on being shortlisted on something you could have easily avoided!
  • Involve the right people: if your work was a team effort, don’t forget to involve the other team members in developing the entry. You've got this far through teamwork so make it count
  • Back-up your entry: take advantage of the option to attach documents to support your entry with useful information such as audit data, cost analyses, patient experience survey results, documentation you have designed or anything else that will help the judges to understand the impact of your work
  • Consider entering more than one category: You can enter another category by selecting the category you wish to enter from the ‘Categories’ section
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread: ask someone else, such as a colleague, friend or manager, to look through your entry before you submit. It can be helpful to ask someone who was not directly involved in the work you are entering, like the judges they will not have detailed knowledge so they could suggest ways to clarify your entry
  • Still having trouble entering? Contact Rafael Younes on +44 (0)20 3953 2115 or email Rafael.Younes@emap.com who can help

So don’t delay, start your entry as soon as possible!