Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell
Project manager

Dr Rachel Maxwell’s career in higher education spans over 17 years. More specifically, her work with the nursing and medical professions can be traced back to the mid-late 1990s when she worked with Physicians for Human Rights (UK) and the University of Dundee to create and teach a module in Medicine and Human Rights that was shared online (many years before anyone knew about MOOCs or sharing teaching materials online). The module was later taught in other medical schools around the world. Rachel also created and taught a second module exploring the Legal Aspects of Medical Practice. Both modules were informed by the subject of her PhD: The Prevention of Physician Participation in Torture, a topic which is always the subject of healthy debate (and sometimes a little wariness) among her students.

Now Project Manager for Solutionpath, Rachel works with multiple clients who are implementing the Solutionpath StREAM engagement analytics platform to support student nurse retention. Rachel leads a company initiative to better understand the complexities of nurse education and engagement, particularly during placement activity. In addition, Rachel is also bringing together colleagues from across the Solutionpath client base in a Community of Practice for Nursing, pioneering work to share best practice around student nurse support, using StREAM.

Her work at Solutionpath builds heavily on her leadership of and responsibility for supporting student success at the University of Northampton within learning and teaching and draws on her solid understanding and passion for creating a positive experience across the student lifecycle.