Practice Supervisor of the Year

Michelle Brooks
NHS Lanarkshire

Michelle is an exceptional nurse educator and supervisor of neonatal students in clinical practice. She offers tireless training, guidance, encouragement, motivation, and opportunities to students. Her immense passion, knowledge, and dedication make her not only an incredible teacher but also a strong leader in neonatal clinical practice education. Michelle consistently advocates for the best possible care for babies and families in neonatology and ensures her students provide this. Her approachable nature instils trust, and her passion motivates students in their challenging learning journey. Students describe her as inspirational, focused, and truly dedicated in her support of them in clinical practice.

Gurjit Cholia
Newbury Group Practice

Gurijit Cholia, Practice Nurse/Nurse Prescriber/recently awarded Queen Nurse from the Queen Nurse Institute is open, friendly and helpful, with resilient. Gurijit is a trusted practitioner and believe in making changes for the better not only with her patients but with her nursing students. Compassion is hard to talk about, but you do need to care in order to make that small but significance changes to patient and this is done with a smile and openness, furthermore, the nursing students who Gurijit teach and facilitate their learning are guided by a knowledgeable expertise practitioner.

Rhiannon Evans
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Rhi is an exceptional supervisor, helping students to navigate the complexities of a busy children's emergency department. Rhi is key in supporting the student experience, assisting them in meeting their learning outcomes, as well as providing emotional and practical support during their placement. Rhi is a wonderful role model who does not shy away from difficult conversations when needed. She sees each student as an individual and uses this approach to ensure students are able to achieve.

Lee Gibson
West London NHS Trust

Lee is an exceptional supervisor, mentor and mental health nurse. He is someone who takes student learning and experience seriously, actively encouraging learning opportunities. He makes time for students and really supports them in achieving their goals. Lee treats his students as individuals, providing teaching and support that is tailored to each person. His knowledge, communication skills and empathetic engagement with patients make him a truly inspirational person to work with and learn from.

Craig Hale
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

We are a very large organisation who deal with over 1500 students every year. Our network of Supervisors and Assessors is crucial to the students in the hospital. We are nominating Craig due to his personal impact on students, especially those from the LGBTQ+ students, for whom he provides a professional, non-judgemental placement. He is a shining example of positive thinking and in putting the patient first at all times. He leads the student function on his ward with warmth, open-mindedness and kindness towards his colleagues and to the students who are placed with him.

Sophie Howells
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Sophie is unequivocally the most exceptional supervisor I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her thoughtful and compassionate approach was evident from the beginning of placement, always prioritising my well-being and learning. What distinguished Sophie for me was her unwavering commitment to making me feel an integral part of the team. Her kind approach to patients is truly commendable and inspiring to witness. Beyond being an inspiring nurse to learn from, Sophie made my placement enjoyable and fun. Sophie possesses a remarkable ability to bring out the best in people, and her infectious positivity truly shines through!

Ivy Marie Rico
Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Ivy Marie Rico is a passionate and committed Practice Supervisor who wants the very best for her students. She leads by example and their leadership skills has contributed to an excellent learning environment where students can flourish. When you are in Ivy's presence, you cannot help but find her enthusiasm infectious. She demonstrates immense pride in her chosen career and wants others to be part of the same shared experience. Ivy is an outstanding and deserved candidate for this category.

Matthew Roberts
Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

This nomination is from a Student Nurse and Matron of an Inpatient Female Acute Ward and we wish to nominate Matthew Roberts as Practice Supervisor of the Year. Not only does Matthew consistently received exceptional feedback from Nursing students due to the supportive and inspirational experience he provides all of our students, enabling them to develop and reach their full potential, he is compassionate and empathetic. This nomination demonstrates the impact Matthew has had on a students journey whilst she was going through extreme personal circumstances and how he's helped to shape her life and career for the future.

Laura Stevenson
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Laura is an exceptional practice supervisor who leads by example in every way. She is the consummate professional who is supportive but also ensures the rules are followed. She will go out of her way to ensure students are given the best possible advice and practice while providing support to the other nurses. Laura encourages, nurtures her team but is not afraid to stand up to senior figures where there are issues that can have a detrimental impact to patients and colleagues. She is the model example of a health visitor and someone I look up to.

Laura Togher
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In September 2023, Clinical Educator Laura Togher set up a bespoke placement for our midwifery students within the 0-19 service. She meticulously planned a 2 week rotational placement for each student, ensuring they spent time with lots of time with different specialists to widen their understanding of the service. She met with each student to provide an create that sense of belonging, she provided education, pastoral support and acted as a their practice supervisor to ensure they could evidence their achievements. The feedback has been overwhelming positive and we are very thankful to Laura for all of her support.

Malvern Tshuma
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Malvern is an outstanding practice supervisor. He has an open door to students. Despite, his managerial responsibilities he finds time from his busy schedule to supervise students with their learning and development. He is a diligent role model, one who hold the nursing career in high standard. He shapes, motivate and inspire students. He demonstrates empathy and adapts a student centred coaching approach to student learning. He provides a conducive learning environment encouraging, supporting diversity and inclusivity. I believe Malvern deserved this award as this would recognise the important education role that Malvern selflessly provide for nursing students.