2019 Winners

2019 Winners

Educator of the Year

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Winner: Grant King, University of Dundee

Judges felt the winner was a force of nature whose enthusiasm and passion are clearly underpinned by sound
pedagogy and pragmatism. Judges believe our winners impact extends far beyond their student body and colleagues.

Learner of the Year: Post-registration

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Winner: Phoebe Miles, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

Judges were impressed by the professional and personal practice and the impact of our winner’s work with both
staff and patients, as well academic practices which judges felt made the winner stand out.

Mary Seacole Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion

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Winner: University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences BME Student Network

This entry impressed the judges by showing enthusiasm and use of personal experience to help others
in a positive way. They identified the racial empathy gap and organised drop in sessions for students having
difficulties and requiring support. The group took a strategic approach looking to develop the leaders of the
future and built strong alliances in order to meet their aim to create an environment that enables BME students and nurses to speak up.

Mentor of the Year

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Winner: James Shears, Haringey Learning Disability Partnership

The judges were impressed by how our winner installs pride, empowerment and confidence in students.
Judges believe the winner is clearly a gatekeeper to the profession showing successful recruitment rates of students.

Most Inspirational Student Nurse of the Year

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Winner: Gary Cutmore, Kingston University: St. George's University of London

Judges felt this year’s winner has a tangible warmth and passion for caring and is an inspiring, motivating
role model. They are charismatic, insightful and determined, demonstrating the very essence of intelligent caring.

Nurse Education Provider of the Year (Post-registration)

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Winner: Cardiff University, Specialist Community Public Health Nursing Team

The judges felt this was a stunning example of students truly empowered through supportive education,
creating outstanding nurses who transform services and care in communities.

Nurse Education Provider of the Year (Pre-registration)

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Winner: Swansea University, Nursing at Swansea

The judges felt this was an enthusiastic presentation by students who clearly articulated the student journey,
support and development available. They particularly liked their passion, commitment and appreciation of the education process

Nursing Associate Trainee of the Year


Winner: Lee Pockett, Milton Keynes University Hospital FT

Judges were impressed by our winner’s proactive nature and passion for person centred care.
Judges felt our winner utilised connections with the wider team to improve patient care while also
constantly seeking out learning opportunities for personal development.

Nursing Associate Training Programme Provider of the Year


Winner: Kingston University: St George’s University of London, Nursing Associate Training Programme Provider of the Year

Judges commented on how well-motivated, passionate and enthusiastic the winner is.
Judges said the winner demonstrated evidence of strong and seamless partnership and
were impressed by the explicit evidence of developing and upholding the professionalism of nursing associates.

Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs


Winner: Gary Jordan, University of Dundee

Judges felt our winner’s impact of activities was clearly evident and felt their charisma and passion
to do for others clearly shone through. Judges said our winner displayed leadership qualities which
they hope go on to maintain their contributions and have a positive impact throughout their career.

Partnership of the Year

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Winner: Birmingham City University, Theory into Practice

Judges felt this was an excellent partnership that is clearly empowering students to prepare them for their career.
This certainly sits well with the NMC Future Nurse Standards for all students and current staff as a partnership initiative to benefit all.

Student Experience


Winner: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Nursing at Queen Margaret University – a flourishing place and space for all learners

Judges felt the winners demonstrated on unique creative learning environment that values everyone as people.
It was clear from the presentation that is led to a truly co-created curriculum where success is continually celebrated.
All of this contributed towards providing on exceptional student experience.

Student Innovation in Practice

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Winner: Edge Hill University, Makaton healthcare cards

Judges felt this winning innovation was inspirational. Developed from feedback and service user
involvement judges commended this innovation saying it has empowered greater communication for all!

Student Midwife of the Year

Winner: Hannah Barnes, University of Huddersfield

Judges felt the student demonstrated a warm manner with a real passion for midwifery that shone through.
Judges said this student used evidence-based practice to ensure the right outcomes for mothers and babies.
A reflective practitioner who is a role model for students!

Student Nurse of the Year: Adult

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Winner: Craig Davidson, Glasgow Caledonian University

Judges said in an outstanding field of candidates, our winner is an ambassador for the profession,
for the practice for patients and society, and a worthy winner.

Student Nurse of the Year: Children

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Winner: Rachel Dakin, University of Nottingham

Judges said our winner is a true ambassador for children’s nursing. Our winner drives innovation to
improve patients and family experience throughout their journey, with the ability to turn creative situations
into reality for both patients and fellow students. A children’s nurse leader of the future!

Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities

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Winner: Kate Young, Bangor University

Judges felt the winner was an outstanding candidate who really demonstrated exceptional skills in all areas
of the judging criteria and displayed innovation and person-centred practice and a willingness to challenge to effect change.

Student Nurse of the Year: Mental Health

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Winner: Will McIlhiney, University of Northampton

Judges felt the winner demonstrated excellent values and characteristics. Judges believe our winner’s
humanism and warmth evidently makes positive changes to peoples’ lives.

Student Placement of the Year: Community


Winner: Central London Community Healthcare Trust, Colville Health Visiting Team

Judges felt that this placement provided a highly supportive and engaging learning environment.
The team was student focused, with a commitment to developing professional practice in the face of adversity!




Student Placement of the Year: Hospital

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Winner: Buckinghamshire New University, Sheffield Ward Broadmoor Hospital

Judges felt this placement and its staff develop life skills for nursing students through a supportive
environment which goes above and beyond. This enables the learner to see past the offence and to see the person behind.

Teaching Innovation of the Year

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Winner: Kingston University: St George’s University of London, Nana Xmas Buddy-Actor Project with St Philips Special Needs School and StoryAID

This innovation has led a profound effect on the students who participated, it developed confidence
​and fostered positive relationships, cutting across communities. There was clear evidence of impact through education.

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